Organic Pet Dewormer with Pet Feed Grade Diatomaceous Earth 1 Kg Jar

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For prevention and control of different kinds of Worms in Pets.

Urbanns Pet DE-Wormer with Pet Feed Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Natural De-Worming and Prevention of Parasites in Pets. Feed grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) has many uses and excellent health benefits for animals. DE particles have tiny, razor-sharp edges that produce invisible cuts on the exoskeleton of insects and parasites when they come into contact with them. Internal feeding of DE helps eliminate most internal worms, including round worms, pin worms, tapeworms, pinworms, hookworms, etc. It is also a good deodorizer; it helps reduce the fecal odor when fed daily and reduces fly loads.
  • Natural wormer- eliminates many types of worms / parasites
  • Safe, non toxic, parasites don't build immunity or resistance
  • No feed withdrawal for milk, it's not chemical, no side effects
  • Better feed conversion, acts as colon cleanser and digestive aid
  • Helps to detox heavy metals, bacteria and viruses, etc. Promotes shinier and good hair growth and Reduces manure odor and drying agent

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