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For prevention and control of various exoskeletal pests like Bed Bugs, Ticks and Fleas, Snails, Slugs and other Garden Pests, Cockroaches, Big Ants, etc.

Urbanns Pest Guard uses Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Pest Control. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) comes right from the earth. It is amorphous silica, or a loose, powdery substance that can be used in several ways. Because it is natural and contains no additives, you can feel confident using it around the home or garden. It is also known as diatomite, fossil fleur or kieselgur/kieselguhr. At home it can be used for a natural way to control various pests that infests your home, pets or garden. It can be used for taking care of bed bugs, ants, fleas, dog ticks, flies, spiders, etc. Some pure varieties are also used for human consumption and in animal feed to kill worms and improve digestion. If inhaled in large quantities it can lead to some irritation in lungs, but otherwise it is completely safe to use at home, garden or on pets.
  • Urbanns Pest Guard contains Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth with other minerals to make it very effective against exoskeletal pests
  • Urbanns Pest Guard can be used against Bed Bugs, Ticks and Fleas, Snails, Slugs and other Garden Pests, Cockroaches, Big Ants, etc. as a organic and natural pest control solution
  • You need to dust it and leave it for 48-72 hours across areas where the pests move so its sharp crystals cut there outer skin and dry them up
  • It is not a chemical insecticide that will kill insects instantaneously, it is a natural pest control solution that cuts their body and eggs and prevents them from infesting your home. You need to keep it dry spread across target areas for 48-72 hours to see its effectiveness.
  • Urbanns Pest Guard uses Diatomaceous Earth and other naturally found minerals and is specially designed for pest control and prevention

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