Organic Bed Bug Powder 1 kg Jar
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URBANNS Bed Bug Powder uses Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Pest Control. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (FGDE) comes right from the earth. It is amorphous silica, or a loose, powdery substance that can be used in several ways. Because it is natural and contains no additives, you can feel confident using it around the home or garden. It is also known as diatomite, fossil fleur or kieselgur/kieselguhr. Unlike available bed bugs killer sprays in the market, the effect of FGDE stays longer when left dry acting on bedbug longer than other sprays. This bed bug powder can provide more longer term relief as it can be spread liberally across the home and left for days. Some pure varieties are also used for human consumption and in animal feed to kill worms and improve digestion. If inhaled in large quantities it can lead to some irritation in lungs, otherwise it is completely safe to use at home, garden or on pets. Not suitable for human consumption. For usage demonstration, please watch our video on YouTube by visiting
  • Will not kill the insects instantly. When spread initially, bed bugs could be seen walking over it though as it comes in contact with them it will slowly cut mechanically when they move and dry them up over 3-4 days.
  • Urbanns Bed Bug Powder can be used against bed bugs as an organic and natural pest control solution. It does not emanate any pungent smell and is safe for adults and kids at home.
  • Overall, spread it and give it atleast a week to come in contact with all bed bugs and dry them up. You need to dust it liberally and leave it across areas where the pests move so its sharp crystals can cut their outer skin and dry them up. Insects will not die instantaneously, rather after coming in contact with the powder dust, they will have their outer shells cut and dry up over 48-72 hours. The dust should be spread acoss the infested areas and not accumulate at few places only.
  • It is not a chemical insecticide that kills insects instantaneously. It is a natural pest control solution that has multiple uses and is effective across various exoskeletal pests. It works mechanically by cutting their body and eggs and prevents them from infesting your home. Since it works mechanically, pests cannot develop any resistance to it over time. You need to keep it dry and spread across target areas for 48-72 hours to see its effectiveness.
  • Urbanns Bed Bug Powder uses Diatomaceous Earth and other naturally found minerals and is specially designed for pest control and prevention. Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occuring mineral that has several industrial and domestic uses. We use Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth mixed with other ingredients to make it more effective against pests. It is not suitable for human consumption. For usage demonstration, please watch our video on YouTube by visiting>.

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