How to use Diatomaceous Earth for Bed Bugs?

Diatomaceous Earth for Bed Bugs is very effective when used in a proper way. When applying it one should use it liberally and not sparingly. It should be applied like DDT and not like talcum powder.

When using Diatomaceous Earth for Bed Bugs spread a newspaper on Bed (Wooden Surface) and dust the powder on it. The Urbanns Pest Guard powder should not accumulate in places, rather spread like dust on table. For that you can gently tilt the squeezy bottle and puff so that the powder comes out in a dust form. It should spread in a way similar to what happens when we blow any powder off our hands.

Puffing Diatomaceous Earth dust for Bed Bugs

After spreading Pest Guard with Diatomaceous Earth on the wooden portion of the bed evenly, put another newspaper on it and over that the mattress. Keep it this way for 10 days and then replace it. Also sprinkle in corners of the bed more liberally.

If you have bed bugs in switch box and behind tube light you can apply on that. The nozzle of the bottle will help you spread the powder inside the switch boxes as well.

In kitchen just sprinkle in drawers using newspaper and near wall of cupboard and allow to remain for long time. As this is completely organic product and does not have any chemical it is totally safe for wider application. Within 2-3 days bed bugs will stop biting and slowly none will be visible.

Dusting it around the house and sweeping the floor once can ensure that it gets spread evenly everywhere stopping the movement of bed bugs from one part of the house to another. Do not swipe the floor (with water) or vaccum for a few days to keep the powder’s effect. Swiping after a few days will take the dust off the floor. It is completely safe for children moving across the house.

You should also dust your car with Bed Bug Powder so that the bugs do not find a hiding place in it and recur later.


Diatomaceous Earth and other compounds used in Urbanns Bed Bug Powder are also effective in destroying bed bug eggs and preventing their recurrence later. It does all of this naturally and has no toxic elements to harm your family. Hence, you can apply it and keep it spread dry for days for lasting effect.

For homes with high infestation of bed bugs, you may want to limit the number of clothes that you use and circulate. For other clothes and cupboards, it may be advisable to empty all cupboards, wash and dry all clothes using washer and dryers at a laundromart in your city. Sealing these clothes in vaccum bags is also helpful in preventing them getting infested again.