Handling Cockroach Infestation using Diatomaceous Earth

Handling Cockroach Infestation Using Diatomaceous Earth

Cockroach infestation handling using Diatomaceous Earth

Cockroaches are a problem for many people. Once they find a way into your home, they multiply quickly. With Diatomaceous Earth, you don’t need to evacuate family and pets like you would with a chemical solution. It naturally cuts their outer skin layer and dehydrates them effectively.

Diatomaceous earth is an organic roach control that is pet friendly. Not only will it rid your home of cockroaches, but it continues to work long after chemical solutions have worn away. Another consideration is that roaches also won’t build up a resistance to diatomaceous earth like they can to chemical pesticides.

Give your home a thorough cleaning. Maintaining excellent sanitation practices is usually the best defense against cockroaches. As you clean your home, look for cockroaches and mark the places they congregate with a post-it note. Use a flashlight for dark places where roaches might be hiding.

Particularly dampness and moisture will draw in roaches. Dry up any damp areas to prepare for the DE application. To prevent more cockroaches, seal up any cracks that could be under sinks, in the bathroom, near baseboards, or around poorly sealed doors. Any kind of entrance for a cockroach needs to be sealed up. You can do this with caulk or sealant. This is a particularly important step because these damp areas could prevent the DE from being as effective as you like.

Apply DE anywhere that cockroaches have been. Dust lightly, since cockroaches won’t step on the DE if the dusting is too heavy. Apply the DE anywhere cockroaches can hide, enter your home, and where food is commonly dropped. Don’t apply the DE to any area that is consistently damp or wet.