Top 10 facts you should know to get rid of bed bugs & fleas:

Bed Bug Facts that you should know when dealing with them

#10 Facts You Should Know to Get Rid of Bed Bugs & Fleas:

  • Bed Bug can survive for weeks and months without a meal
  • They cannot fly or crawl long distances – moves through human movement
  • They cannot pierce even a thin layer of covering or unbroken clothing
  • They cannot tolerate temperatures above 45oC and below -32oC
  • Bed Bug multiplies fast by laying eggs that hatch in 3-4 weeks
  • They can sense carbon dioxide emitted by humans during sleep and move towards it
  • 85% of the time Bed Bugs are located near the bed and mattresses
  • Fecal spots, blood clots and dead skin are the most common signs to identify a bed bug infestation
  • To prevent a recurrence it is crucial that you eliminate Bed Bug’s eggs as well
  • A residual treatment using natural remedies like Diatomaceous Earth is essential to prevent recurrence
  • An integrated pest management approach including de-cluttering the home, washing and packing unused clothes while applying chemical or natural remedies is most effective when dealing with Bed Bugs

We also have a very comprehensive Bed Bugs Treatment eBook that we have put together that outlines several such facts as well as full detail on how to deal with bed bugs. It is available for free on our website for you to read!

In case of bed bugs, it is very important to develop an understanding about them when handling them. Unlike other pests, bed bugs can be really pesky and recur later multiple times unless dealt with in a planned and learned manner.

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