Managing ants and ant colonies using diatomaceous earth

Managing colonies of ants using Diatoms

Managing Ants Colonies Using Diatom Earth

For an effective and natural way to ensure ants don’t enter your home, use Diatomaceous Earth. Since Diatomaceous Earth is an all-natural substance with no additives, it can be used around the house to treat ant infestations. Dust your balconies and door entrances to ensure that ants walk over it. You can also treat ant colonies by mixing Diatomaceous Earth in water and spraying it over the areas near colonies.

Not only is Diatomaceous Earth efficient in exterminating ants, but it’s also a natural ant repellent as well. (Just keep a barrier of DE up and it will deter ants from entering your home.) When ants invade, many people don’t want to use chemical pesticides around their youngest child or curious family dog. Instead of using a chemical reaction, DE uses a mechanical reaction that dehydrates ants to eliminate any unwanted pests long after a chemical treatment would wear off. While it’s harmful to ants, diatomaceous earth is safe to use around kids and pets. This makes it perfect to use in the home.

Apply Diatomaceous Earth to the affected areas where the ants reside. Be sure to pay special attention to baseboards and cupboard corners. Other good places may be inside and around garbage cans, especially the one in the kitchen. Also treat areas where ants could easily enter your house. You can mix DE with water to make it into a kind of slurry to spray out of a bottle for easy application. Diatoms becomes effective again once they have dried. Continually shake the bottle as you apply Diatomaceous Earth around the house.

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