Freedom from spiders using diatomaceous earth

Spiders treatment using Diatomaceous Earth

You can Keep Spiders Away From Home Using Diatom Earth

Spiders aren’t fun to encounter, especially when they’ve invaded your home. The diatoms that make up diatomaceous earth work to dehydrate any spiders that may be lurking in your home. This gentle method is worth considering if you have pets and kids in your home. Since it’s a natural, family friendly solution you can feel confident that DE will only harm the insects in your home, not your family. DE treats the spider infestation and prevents more spiders from entering your home. Sprinkling DE around potential spider entrances will keep your home spider-free.

As an added bonus, Diatomaceous Earth continues to work as a repellent even after the initial problem is gone. So long as the diatomaceous earth remains dry and in those problem areas, you can be sure that it’s working for you.

Apply dust liberally to any area a spider could get into your house. This includes doorways, window sills, and any other cracks that lead into your home. Diatomaceous earth only works when dry. If diatomaceous earth gets wet, it will resume working after drying out. Should it get washed away then you need to apply it again. It works excellently on crawling insects including spiders, provided you spread it in a manner that the spiders come in contact with it and crawl over it. It then gets attached to them and cuts their outer skin layer drying them up in the process. 

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