Diatomaceous earth for pest and insect contol uses

How do Diatomaceous Earth work on Insects and Pests

Diatomaceous Earth for Pest Control in various ways

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a siliceous compound that acts as a desiccant sucking moisture from its surrounding. It has sharp edges that can cut into an exoskeletal insect’s outer shell as it walks over it. It can be put to variety of uses:

  • Bed Bugs treatment: Dusting the home, bed and mattress with DE helps treating bed bugs without using any chemicals.
  • Dog / Cat Ticks and Fleas: Dusting the pet with DE helps in treating ticks & fleas by piercing them and their eggs and drying them up.
  • Home Garden: Dusting a home garden with DE can get rid of slugs, ants, fleas, flies, etc. organically.
  • Home Compound: Dusting the peripheral area of your home can help take care of ants, worms, etc.

Diatomaceous Earth for Pest Control is a natural and effective solution for our current urban living. It can be adopted and used in various ways to ease our pest problems at home and gardens.

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