Bed bugs menace in bangalore, mumbai, pune and delhi!

Bed Bugs are creepy pests that can give you sleepless nights! Looking at the data of orders for our Urbanns Bed Bugs Powder, we analyzed the states and cities where the menace is big in India. Cities with higher transit populations, paying guest accommodations, hostels, etc. seem to be having higher problems. Bangalore tops the list by far followed by Mumbai, Pune and Delhi. In terms of states, Karnataka tops the list by far, followed by Maharashtra, Delhi and Telengana. Not surprisingly, the results are in line with the Google searches for the term "Bed Bugs".

Distribution of states from where we have received orders for Urbanns Bed Bug Powder

The data above corresponds with the trend of searches on Google for the term "bed bugs".

Bed Bugs related search trends from Google

Source: Google Trends

We also see that the number of searches overall regarding Bed Bugs have been increasing over the years. There is definitely seasonality at play in the pattern with peak searches happening around September / October in a year. 

Search Trends for Bed Bugs Search Term
Source: Google Trends

The above indicates that the menace is growing across the country, specially in areas where the transit or moving population is higher. This is very similar to what is being seen across the world. Bed Bugs is not a hygiene related pest problem. It is nowadays seen at the cleanest of places, hotels, hospitals, etc. as well. And again, chemical treatments only make them more strong and resistant helping in increasing this menace over time. Switch to natural treatments that work mechanically like Urbanns Bed Bug Powder!


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