7 uses of diatomaceous earth

Have you heard about Diatomaceous Earth?

It is a naturally occurring product that is mined out of old lakebeds formed from fossilized algae. This versatile product is completely organic and safe to use around family and pets. When choosing diatomaceous earth for home use, be sure that you only use the organic food grade variety that is natural-milled, unheated, amorphous silicon dioxide. There are so many wonderful ways you can use diatomaceous earth and it is so easy to try.


Works slowly but Safely

Does not kill the bugs and insects instantly. You can see them crawl over it when spread and not die instantly. It takes about a week to work effectively.


Cuts Mechanically and Dries

Its sharp crystals cuts into the bugs as they crawl over it and dries them up over 48-72 hours after contact. Keep it spread for a week atleast for effective results.


Based on Natural Minerals

It has no chemicals, hence it is safe for prolonged use. You can keep it spread under mattress and other areas for a long time to prevent recurrence.

insects that can be killed using diatomaceous earth

1. Use Diatomacecous Earth to Get rid of Insects at Home

Diatomaceous earth is a natural and safe repellent that deters insects from entering in the first place. You can prevent or eradicate several insects using this wonderful powder including Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ticks, Spiders and Scorpions.

dog and cat photo

2. Flea Control

Diatomaceous earth can be directly applied on your dog or cat to get rid of fleas. Start at the base of the tail, moving towards the head and pushing the fur up to expose the skin. Apply diatomaceous earth with your hand and place it on the skin. Try not to get DE into your pet’s ears or eyes and remember to apply diatomaceous earth in the home to break the flea cycle.

garden for treatment with diatomaceous earth

3. Garden Pest Control

The kind of pest you have in your garden generally dictates the mode of application. For flying insects, dust your plants with diatomaceous earth after you have watered them. Get underneath the leaves as well. This is best done in the morning to allow the the powder to dry. For Ground insects, it works especially well on slugs. Put a ring of diatomaceous earth around the plants that are actively getting chomped on. Be sure to keep any leaf out from touching to soil outside the ring of DE.

organic method of deworming your pet

4. Organic Pet Dewormer

Feed Grade Diatomaceous Earth can be used as an alternative to a synthetic de-wormer, by adding diatomaceous earth to your pet’s food. It helps clear the inner lining in their digestive system and clears impurities in pet's colon as well improving absorbtion of nutrients.

used in food storage godowns to prevent insect infestation

5. Food Storage

Diatomaceous earth protects food from infestations and it keeps food dry which prevents food from clumping, germinating, or going moldy. If you have grains,legumes, beans, rice, or corn in storage then adding DE works well to keep it protected and dry. When you clean the grains with water later before consumption, the powder will get washed off. Its ability to cut through insects and dry them up acts as a barrier for various insects from infesting your stored food.

maintain chicken coop organically

6. Maintaining your Chicken Coop

Useful if you have a chicken farm for yourself. Adding diatomaceous earth to your chicken coop and chickens’ dust bath can protect them against lice and mites. Even if you coop currently doesn’t have this problem, a regular regime of diatomaceous earth can prevent these problems from cropping up.

deodorizes by sucking moisture from the air

7. Deodorizer

Diatomaceous Earth has an ability to absorb moisture like any other desiccant. This can help as a deodorizing agent that can be placed in any bottle with few holes allowing it to absorb the moisture in the air. Most suitable for your shoe rack or other such places where you need to prevent any moisture from accumulating over time. Any type of DE can be used for this purpose as long as it is food grade.

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