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For organic and natural prevention and control of various garden pests like Snails, Slugs, Big Ants and others

Urbanns Plant & Garden Guard with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and other natural minerals for prevention and control of various plant and garden pests. It can work as an organic / natural pest control solution for your home garden or organic farm. It does not kill pests instantly. It is a Natural mineral that cuts through mechanically and dries them up over 48-72 hours. Contains naturally found Siliceous Fossil Flour, also known as DE, Diatom Earth, Diaomite or Kieselgur / Kieselguhr.
  • Urbanns Plant & Garden Guard contains Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth with other minerals to make it very effective against exoskeletal pests
  • Urbanns Plant & Garden Guard can be used against Snails, Slugs and other Garden Pests, Big Ants, etc. as a organic and natural pest control solution for your garden
  • You need to dust it and leave it for 48-72 hours across areas where the pests move so its sharp crystals cut there outer skin and dry them up
  • It is not a chemical insecticide that will kill insects instantaneously, it is a natural pest control solution that cuts their body and eggs and prevents them from infesting your home. You need to keep it dry spread across target areas for 48-72 hours to see its effectiveness.
  • Urbanns Pest Guard uses Diatomaceous Earth and other naturally found minerals and is specially designed for pest control and prevention


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