Urbanns Pet Dewormer


Urbanns Pet Dewormer with Pet Feed Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Based on Pet Feed Grade Diatomaceous Earth for Natural De-Worming and Prevention of Parasites in Pets. Feed grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) has many uses and excellent health benefits for animals. Internal feeding of DE helps eliminate most internal worms, including round worms, pin worms, tapeworms, pinworms, hookworms, etc. It is also a good deodorizer and helps reduce the fecal odor when fed daily and reduces fly loads.

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Product Features


Multi Worm Dewormer

Works on various types of internal parasites including round worms, pin worms, tapeworms, pinworms, hookworms, etc. in a chemical free way.


Improves Digestion

It cleanses the digestive tract of the pet including colon to help improve digestion and decreases overall fecal odor.


Based on Natural Minerals

It has no chemicals, hence it is safe for prolonged use. As it works mechanically, the parasites cannot develop any resistance.


Based on Pet Feed Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Also known as Siliceous Fossil Flour, Pet Feed Grade Diatomaceous Earth is found as a natural coumpound and processed for effectiveness in pest and insect control. It has sharp crystals called diatoms that cut through the worms. It is widely used in western countries as a natural DIY pest control and parasite treatment method. The other varieties of Diatomaceous Earth include Pool Grade, used in swimming pools, and Food Grade, used for insect control. There is a pure variety that is even used for human consumption in some countries.

Dosage is controlled and prolonged for best effects

One needs to determine the dosage mostly based on the weight of the animal as in many other medicines. It has no chemicals and hence no side effects.


Features of Urbanns Pet Dewormer


Natural Wormer

Natural wormer that eliminates several types of parasites.


Better Feed Conversion

Acts as a colon cleanser and digestive aid resulting in better feed conversion and nutrient absorbtion.


Better Hair Growth

Promoted shinier and good hair growth on pets with hair.


Safe and Non Toxic

Parasites cannot build immunity as the wormer works mechanically and not chemically.



Helps to detox heavy metals, bacteria and viruses, etc. from the body of the pet.


Reduces Manure Odor

Reduces fecal odor and fly loads by acting as a drying agent.


Effective product for my dog. I tried it for a week to ten days and got good results. Could see good hair growth when used longer in smaller quantities.

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