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It is very difficult to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

They are known to spread around and multiply quickly once in your home. They can give you sleepless nights making them the most pesky of pests out there. They hide at unthinkable places and have become resistant to most chemical treatments out there. It is much harder to get rid of them when compared to other insects as they have an ability to hide and multiply quickly. Most pest control methods prove effective only for short periods and recurrence rates are high.

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Natural treatments that work Mechanically are more effective

Your intent is not to get immediate relief rather to handle the problem such that there is no recurrence. Across the world, currently only natural treatments that work mechanically are proving effective against bed bugs. They can be applied liberally by you and left alone to keep acting on the bugs and their eggs as they hatch over time. It takes minimum a week or more with repeated application for them to get rid of the bed bugs but these are more effective with long lasting results compared to standard pest control solutions.


Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is one such Natural Mineral that is effective on Bed Bugs

Also known as Siliceous Fossil Flour, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is found as a natural coumpound and processed for effectiveness in pest and insect control. It has sharp crystals called diatoms that cut through the bugs and its silica compound dries them up over time. It is widely used in western countries as a natural DIY pest control method.


Urbanns Bed Bug Powder with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Based on Natural Minerals that work on Bed Bugs mechanically preventing any resistance seen in chemical based solutions. It works slowly but safely and surely. Needs to be spread and left dry to work for a week or more.

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Product Features


Works slowly but Safely

Does not kill the bugs instantly. You can see them crawl over it when spread and not die instantly. It takes about a week to work effectively.


Cuts Mechanically and Dries

Its sharp crystals cuts into the bugs as they crawl over it and dries them up over 48-72 hours after contact. Keep it spread for a week atleast for effective results.


Based on Natural Minerals

It has no chemicals, hence it is safe for prolonged use. You can keep it spread under mattress and other areas for a long time to prevent recurrence.

Also works on other Insects and Pests

The powder is generally effective for any exoskeletal crawling insect as it can work mechanically by cutting through their wax body layer and drying up their body fluids. The application process involves spreading it liberally over areas where they visit so that they crawl over it. Once it is attached to their body it will cut through over time and dry them up.


Usage Demonstration Video for our Bed Bug Powder

  • Watch the video to see how to use the powder effectively at your home to treat and control bed bugs.
  • Remember to use the powder liberally and spread it at all places where bed bugs could be hiding.
  • You can spread it inside wall cracks and switch boxes. Also, place it in paper plates and place them under bed posts to get in contact with bugs when they try to crawl on the bed.


More effective than standard Pest Control treatments. I tried pest control from standard agencies but found a recurrence within a few weeks.- Amazon Verified Purchase


I put plastic saucer under each of 4 legs of the bed and put powder in it so if any bug crawls to get in the bed the powder will stick onto it and dry the bug by dehydrating in 1 or 2 days.- Amazon Verified Purchase


I would say that this product don’t work overnight. It work slowly over the time and it completely wipe clean the bugs.- Amazon Verified Purchase


Getting rid of bed bugs is not easy. So don't expect miracle results. I used a spray for 6 months continuously followed by this powder every 15 days. Now after a year of consistent effort my home is free of bugs. This is an effective powder to keep them away.- Amazon Verified Purchase

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