Relief to your Canine from Ticks and Fleas

Dog Tick Removal (Treatment & Medicine)

To keep your beloved canines safe, use a natural pest control for dogs. DE is a favorable solution in dealing with dog ticks. Not only is it gentle on your dog, but it is also highly effective. Just dusting your dog with it, keeps it safe from infestation and good to play with you and your family!

If you have pets at home then you can apply the powder on their skin and keep it for 2 days and then bath them. You can repeat this over a week or so and you will see your Pets getting rid of ticks. As this is completely organic product and does not have any chemical and kills insects and pests mechanically by scratching their outer shell and absorbing there fluid and dehydrating them, it will take time to get completely rid of them. However, it will not harm your pets at all and can be applied liberally on them. Just ensure that you do not inhale it in large quantities and also your pet should not inhale it in large quantities. Also keep away from your eyes.

Removing Ticks and Fleas from Dogs and Cats


How to Remove TIcks from a Dog?

1. Dust the pet with URBANNS Flea and Tick Guard like you will do with talcum powder

2. Spread the dust inside the fur with your hands

3. Apply liberally where you see or suspect presence of ticks and fleas

4. Dust their living areas including bedding, kennel, carpets, mats, etc. and any other area they visit or rest regularly

5. Just ensure that they do not inhale it in large quantities

6. Leave the dust on the pet for 3-4 days before giving them a bath with a moisturizing shampoo to prevent dried skin caused by Diatomaceous Earth

7. Comb through your pet’s fur with a flea comb to help rid of fleas

8. Apply Diatomaceous Earth again and keep for 3-4 days

9. Repeat the above steps 2-3 times for full effect