Natural Soil Conditioner using Diatomaceous Earth

Natural Soil Conditioner with Diatomaceous Earth for Organic Silicon based Natural Soil Conditioning and Nutrient Enhancement. Natural soil conditioner is a Silicon based soil conditioner which supplies silica to plants. Silicon (Si) is a valuable element for plant growth. Natural Soil Conditioner improves absorption capacity, physical & structural properties of the soil & also facilitates plant nutrition, insect and disease resistance. Application of Natural Soil Conditioner enhances translocation of nutrients within the plant and increase water efficiency by reducing transpiration. The deposition of Si in the plant tissues reduces transpiration rates & also provides a physical barrier to pathogens and insects.

Cent percent natural soil conditioner


  • It can be readily added in soil before planting or after planting

  • For Young plants add 50g of Natural soil conditioner per plant, mix into the soil

  • For Mature plants add 100g of Natural soil conditioner per plant, mix into the soil

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) based Natural Soil Conditioner granules are also excellent for sandy soils. In sandy soils, the DE particles absorb water that would otherwise just run through the sand, and make it available to the plants. This is why many golf courses use it in their sand-based greens and tees. DE is compatible with other soil components and it may be blended with fertilizers. It can be applied into existing soils, sprinkled into the base of new plantings or used as a top dressing (non-dusting). DE Soil Conditioner granules can be used as a growing medium for a hydroponics and bonsai.

Organic Farming using Natural Fertilizers based on Diatomaceous Earth

 Product Benefits:

  • Natural, Organic and Environmentally Friendly

  • Increases Plant growth, Flowering and Fruiting

  • Increases Crop yield and quality of Crop

  • High water holding capacity, releasing water back into the soil when required

  • Granules help to activate, fortify and revitalize the soil, resulting in healthier plants

  • Unlocks Phosphate and makes it available to plant

  • Reduces conventional Fertilizer usage

  • Protects plants against insect, Pests and Fungal infection.

  • Increases soil porosity and stimulates the absorption of nutrients

  • Increase carbon sequestration and oxygen levels in the soil for improved root growth

  • Improves soil drainage preventing root rot and improving root growth