About us

Started by a self starter,  entrepreneur at heart, strong believer of organic and natural products - URBANNS  our brand is trying to educate, promote and sell 100 per cent NATURAL, ORGANIC AND SAFE PRODUCTS FOR BED BUGS,  HOME PESTS, INSECTS, PETS AND GARDEN BASED ON THE NATURAL MINERAL DIATOMACEOUS EARTH.

Sleepless nights; checking in a hotel for a week, sending a 6 year old to school from the hotel with packaged food; going to the Laundromat twice daily thinking the hot water will kill it; buying a INR 21000 steam iron thinking that heat will kill it; loads of psychological fears of the bug being everywhere; be it the purse, shoes or car; living with fear what if my colleagues and friends come to know; one pest agency after another; throwing innumerable precious drapery of the house.. .the list is endless!

This was the year 2014 when we discovered BED BUGS in our house.  We were shocked. We have never seen it before in our life.  For two weeks we ignored the bites thinking it was mosquito bite. But one night it was visible to the naked eye. And the nightmare began. The infestation was quite high and deep in our three bedroom apartment in Bangalore. We tried everything possible on the earth to get rid of bed bugs but to no avail. We were not even lucky to get some temporary relief from the high end treatments of the pest control agencies like many others facing the same problem do!

Sleepless nights and fear led to frantic Google search. We got to know about Diatomaceous Earth and its effects on exoskeletal pests like bed bugs. We thought like so many other products and services we are trying to get rid of the problem, let’s give this too a shot. My brother-in-law in US also advised us on its effectiveness based on his own experience. We sourced it somehow and used Diatomaceous Earth as instructed and trust us it worked. There was no bed bug in the house after a month. The bites reduced drastically. It appeared as if some magic has happened.

Being an ex-journalist (journalism was also all about finding new people and news) and entrepreneur running a successful woman apparel store for past 8 years in Bangalore, the idea took hold.  There may be many others like us struggling with the problem of Bed Bugs and facing similar issues. Everybody does not get to know about its benefits. Being an avid believer of Organic Products and Green Revolution taking place all over the country, URBANNS was launched in May 2015!  A company currently specializing in Diatomaceous Based Products  For  Bed Bugs, Ticks and Fleas for Pests, Pe-Dewormer and Soil Conditioner. All products being 100 per cent NATURAL, ORGANIC AND SAFE. The key to using diatomaceous based products is that it gives slow but long lasting impact to the problem. We tied up with a research and scientific team in Bangalore to understand the mineral better and tested it on various pests, bugs, pets and plants. Since then there has been no looking back. We are working with them currently.

Our Urbanns Bed Bug Powder has received orders from naval ships, army cantonments, frequent business class travelers, well known hotels of India to PG’ to normal PGs and households. We have also received lot of orders from antique shops and educational institutions with hostels. The list of urban households is huge. Our other products for pets and garden is also getting good response from pet lovers and garden lovers all over the country.  The sole reason being that it is natural and safe with the added benefit of acting as an immunity booster for pets and plants.

It is still a nascent concept in a country where pest control and other such things are looked at as something that should be ‘cured’ immediately using a chemical solution. Many people who buy our product for bed bugs expect it to work like any other chemical based instant kill solution. We have to then educate them that it is a slow, safe and sustainable solution rather than an instant one that is more harmful in the long run. We have seen people use very toxic chemicals to get rid of pests not realizing the harm they are doing to themselves in the process.

Currently our products are available online on this site, Amazon and Flipkart.

The Bed Bug Problem is so high in our country including top notch hospitals, but people do not talk about it because of fear. In that context, we have written and published a ebook on WAR ON BED BUGS. It is an in-depth ready reckoner for people who want to get rid of the problem permanently.