Get rid of bed bugs at home - demo video

Urbanns Bed Bug Powder Demonstration Video

Demonstration video on how to get rid of Bed Bugs at your home using Urbanns Bed Bug Powder. The video explains in detail how to open the bottle, spread the powder and apply it across your Bed/Mattress, Cupboards, Sofa, etc. to have a complete contact with bed bugs and dry them up using the powder.

Script of the video for reference:

This video provides a demonstration on how to use Urbann’s Bed Bug Powder at your home.

Most homes will have a wooden bed or iron bed with a back and a wooden base below to put the mattress on top. The bed base will either be fully covered or one with gaps in between. The mattress typically has a middle layer with seams on top and bottom; these seams are good hiding and movement places for bed bugs.

Before using the Urbann’s Bed Bug Powder please ensure that you have removed the inner cap that comes in the bottle. To do so open the flip-top cap to find the inner cap. The inner cap is provided to prevent any spillage during transit. After removing the inner cap replace the flip-top cap and open the flip-top; the bottleis now ready for use.

To spread the powder target the bottle nozzle to one corner of the bed and gently squeeze the bottle to begin the flow of powder outside. The powder should be pumped out like a smoke of dust getting spread on the surface and not accumulate in one spot. You can proceed from one corner to another covering the entire line on the side of the bed. Proceed in a similar manner to cover the remaining sides of the bed till you have covered all ends and corners. Do not keep the bottle too close to the bed as that will make the powder accumulate at one place. Maintaining a consistent distance will help in spreading a thin layer of powder instead of creating a mound in one place. After covering the sides well proceed to spreading the power over the entire base. Even if there are gaps in the bed base cover whatever surface you have available.

You may need to shake the bottle at times to loosen the powder and ensure smooth flow.

We’ll be covering the base with newspapers and repeating the spraying process again, hence even if there are gaps in the base you need not worry about it as the layers of newspapers placed later will take care of that. As you can see the power has spread like dust over the surface and has not accumulated in only a few places. This will provide opportunity for maximum contact with the bugs as they move around the bed. The powder getting attached to the bugs will cut mechanically into their outer layer and dry them up over time acting as a desiccant or drying agent.

Remember you may need to shake the bottle at times to loosen the powder inside and ensure smooth flow. Now cover again with a layer of newspaper this creates a trap between the layers of newspapers for bugs moving around the bed. After spreading the second layer of newspapers gently cover it with some powder dust focusing more on the corners and sides of the bed. You may want to spread some powder gently in the area in the middle as well.

Now place the mattress back on the base over the newspapers. Try to do it without moving the newspaper layers as much as possible. Please make sure you do not drag all the newspapers out with the powder while putting the mattress on top. Before doing this it is advisable that you cover your nose with a dust mask or cloth as the powder can get pumped out on impact with the mattress.

When you have placed the mattress some of the newspaper maybe protruding out due to movement, just tuck them inside below the mattress. The side seams of a mattress are used by the bugs to move around when you are sleeping, so put some powder in these areas as well. You can let the powder accumulate in some areas as required.

After this you can cover the mattress with a bed cover and sleep on it as well as you want to. The powder is a natural mineral with no toxic elements completely safe for you and your family. However, if you are allergic to dust in general than avoid sleeping on the bed for a few days.

In some mattresses, there are multiple layers above and below for softness. The sides of these mattresses have large seams that provide a bigger channel for the bugs to move around. It is important that you fill and spread the power well in these areas if you have such a mattress. Remember the powder has to be spread all around all such areas and not just a few locations.

Bedbugs can travel from one location in the house to another using the edges on skirting in the wall or using carpets if any. Spreading the powder in these areas or over the carpets is useful in preventing their movement around the home.

Bedbugs move around the house clinging to your clothes, they place themselves at locations where people sit like sofas chairs and stools. It is advisable that you treat these locations and objects with the powder as well. For a sofa, you can put the powder in the corners so that the bugs come in contact with it when residing in the sofa or moving around with it. After pumping the powder you can gently target using your hands so that there is no powder visible outside. You can also treat your chairs, stools and other such objects at your home.

Bedbugs move around the house through your clothes given that it may be wise to treat cupboards as well so they cannot hide there and resurrect later. You can spread the powder on the surface and in the corners and then cover with newspapers later. You can keep your clothes over the paper and continue using your cupboard as usual.

After you have applied the powder please allow it to dry for at least a week to see the results. Bedbugs moving around will come in contact with it and dry up individually in 48 to 72 hours. Leaving it spread for a week will give enough time for bugs to come in contact with the powder. After about a week you can clean it up if you want and repeat the process after a few weeks.

Here are some quick facts about bed bugs:

  • bed bugs are the most pesky pests and are very good at hiding and multiplying quickly;
  • they cannot fly rather they move around using humans as a vehicle
  • clinging to clothes and other things;
  • they do not carry or cannot transmit any diseases to humans through contact;
  • a prolonged treatment plan is required to get rid of bedbugs fully as they can hide for months without food and resurrect later;
  • one-time chemical treatments have proved ineffective in most cases as they take care of the bedbugs temporarily but leave the eggs to hatch later;
  • bedbugs have developed resistance to many chemicals available on the market today;
  • also many chemicals used in fogging and other treatment methods are very toxic and have residual impact that can affect humans;
  • a coordinated plan including cleaning washing and heat drying of clothes at a laundromat and using pest control treatments is more effective;
  • for large investigations where you can see the bugs in the daytime as well, you will need intermittent chemical-based treatments along with natural treatments like Urbann’s Bed Bug Powder;
  • for smaller or new infestations, treating with just Urbann’s Bed Bug Powder can also help.

This has been a presentation from Urbann’s Bed Bug Powder.


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