Diatomaceous earth overview, forms and usage

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth in India

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous Earth is siliceous fossil flour found naturally like other minerals. It is also known as kieselguhr and used for filtration and insulation across industries.

It can be found raw or processed to be pool grade, food grade or a purified form that is suitable for human consumption.

  • Pool Grade: Used in swimming pools to prevent algae formation.
  • Food Grade: Processed finer version that is suitable for insect control and garden use.
  • Purified form: Processed to remove many natural minerals and impurities to make it suitable for human consumption.

The above infographic has been designed to provide an overview of Diatomaceous Earth, the different forms in which it is available and the uses for each of them. There is a lot of confusion in the market where people confuse one form with the other. The pool grade variety is not suitable for use by humans without specific protection and planning to prevent any inhaling of it. The Food Grade variety is not harmful for humans and is the recommended choice for pest control. The pure variety is available mostly in America and also consumed by humans to detoxify themselves. In India, it is currently not approved for human consumption.


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