10 step guide on using diatomaceous earth for bed bugs

10 Steps to use Diatomaceous Earth for Bed Bugs

How to use Diatomaceous Earth for Bed Bugs – Step by Step Guide

1. Locate the places where bed bugs are residing – typically,

  • sides of mattress
  • seams of mattress
  • wooden boards of bed
  • screw holes and corners
  • electrical boards
  • top area of tube lights

2. Target the nozzle of URBANNS Pest Guard bottle towards all the mentioned areas and press to puff the powder out

3. For the bed with a wooden board specially, you can spread a newspaper on the wooden surface and dust powder on it. Again put one more newspaper on it and over that the mattress. Then puff Pest Guard in corners of the bed.

4. You should spread the powder like dust all over and not let it accumulate at few places only

5. Dust the floor area below and around the bed as well, dust liberally to increase the chances of contact with bed bugs and prevent them from moving across the home

6. Dust your sofa, chair(s), etc. Basically all areas where you rest or sit regularly

7. You can dust your car as well to prevent bed bugs from infesting it by moving along with you

8. Sweep and swipe all areas after 7-10 days and dust again with fresh powder, keep the powder dry when spread around

9. Bed covers, sheets & clothes that could be harboring bed bugs can be dusted and sealed in a polythene bag; they can be taken to a laundromat and cleaned and heat dried later

10.For a relatively new or fresh infestation, using DE alone can help; however for a prolonged and major infestation DE has to be used with other treatment options

Recommended quantity:

For fresh and mild infestations is 250 gms for a 1 BHK apartment to be used liberally and repeated across 2-3 weeks.

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